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Agile ERP- Does Your System Deliver

Agile ERP- Does Your System Deliver

Read the Mint Jutras report “Is ‘Agile ERP’ an Oxymoron?” to learn how moving to a cloud ERP system increases your organization’s agility, enables faster innovation and efficiency with less complexity and adds value to your growing...


NGFW See the woods from the trees

A traditional firewall is able to control the traffic at the point of entry or exit within the network. In other words, it’s the drawbridge between your own business and the ‘great unwashed’ of the rest of the internet. This was perfect...

Forrester TEI Report

The Total Economic Impact™ of Box’s Enterprise Content Management and Collaboration Platform A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Box shows the potential return on investment for a Box customer. Through their...

The Mining Digital Gold report

The Mining Digital Gold report

Ever wondered why data is proving to be the real gold for business? Physical assets like oil, precious metals and cash may still account for a large part of today’s economy, but data is proving to be the real gold for business – it’s the...



The countdown has started. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation goes into effect in less than two years. Even if your company does not do business internationally, you might well have to adjust your GRC policies and...

338_DocuSign for Life Carriers

DocuSign for Life Carriers

As a life insurer, your success depends on fast, efficient delivery of information. Waiting on paper signatures puts your revenue and your customer service reputation at risk. Join more than six hundred insurance companies including 11 of the...