The Smart Marketer ebook- Bazaar voice


In a world rife with product selections large enough to put your grandfather’s old school catalog to shame, the modern shopper has countless resources to consult and sources to study when making a purchase.
Getting product reviews in the right place at the right time can be thedifference between winning a new customer and losing themto the competition. But how can you make sure there are recent reviews forshoppers to read to learn more about your products?
The best trick is a tried and true method: Sampling yourproducts to a select group of consumers.
In this eBook you’ll discover strategies to ask the right questions before you settle on a sampling strategy, including:

  • Forge direct relationships with your customers to learn what they care about
  • Leverage reviews and other online content to mine customer sentiment about your brand and products
  • Identify new business opportunities, change perceptions, and foster brand advocacy

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