It’s Time To Start Rethinking Your Qa Lab


In today’s world of fragmented technology, millions of people can download the same app and have entirely unique experiences. ScientiaMobile counted 45,000 different device profiles on the market today, and estimates that this rate of fragmentation will only increase heading into the future.

It's easy to understand why you want to have an effective QA lab in place that covers as many different devices and use cases as possible. However, a lab-based effort is ultimately restricted in what it can test, and can't account for real-world complexity your users face on a daily basis. Looking for a solution? It’s called crowdtesting.
• How the world’s leading companies are leveraging crowdtesting today
• How to ensure your products work on every device and in every location
• The overall benefits of crowdtesting, from cost to efficiency
• How crowdtesting can augment your in-house QA process

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